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     Suitable for making some thermoplastics sheet like PVC,PE.PET.PP and PS thermoplasticity etc.It can make different kinds of packing models,which is widely used to closing and packing of products like foodstuff, five metal, electronics, toys and so on..


   1.Adopt PLC-programmable control system and  terminal memory  of modern computer.
   2.Adopt accurate motor pulling.
   3.Twice top-hold the molds,twice vacuum.
   4.Shaking to release the mold.
   5.Make the concavo-convex plastic mould forming and the area of the mold is large .
   6.Can adjust the length and width freely.
   7.Central oil system.


Technical parameters£¦#65306;
Power : 380V 50Hz
Work efficiency: 450 times/h
Forming the total length: 1120mm Forming width : 570/610/660 mm
Height of molding: 0-180mm
Stove power: 27.4Kw
Maximum power of the machine: 6.5-30 Kw
Raw-water tray:  (multi-function adjustable-drive)
Total air-comsuption: 2 cubic meters / min
Vacuum pump: 100 cubic meters / h.
Barpmetric pressure: 0.5-0.7 mpa
Dimensions: 6880*1450*2680mm


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